My Liebster Award Nomination!

Hey y’all,

I was recently honored with a nomination for the Liebster Award from my  fellow blogger friend Sophie at Cooking Trips. I never expected that in my blogging hobby I’d meet such great people who shared such common interests with me and inspired me to learn more and become a better home cook. Cooking Trips always has great recipes and stories and I love reading about her world travels. She has become a great blogging friend. Check out her blog when you get a chance! Thanks again for the nomination Cooking Trips.

So as per her instructions, here are the questions that I have been tasked with answering about myself:

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

I decided to start blogging because I was slowly teaching myself to cook and enjoy different varieties of food through reading Pinterest and online cooking websites for about a year prior to starting my blog. I thought that blogging would be a  good way to both discover new recipes and keep track of recipes that I had developed myself. I like to cook healthy food so I also thought it would be fun to share my methods of making unhealthy classic recipes healthier with other people.

2.Which of your blog posts did you first expect to be your readers’ favourite post? Why?

I thought that my falafel recipe would get the most views of all my recipes because my blog name is “falafelinlove” so I figured that people would be curious about my take on falafels.

3. If your blog had a chance to go from personal to Professional, will you “go for it”?

I would love to take my blog professional someday because I see professional blogs on the internet and I’d love to do that too but at the same time I know that its a huge time commitment and becomes a full-time job for many bloggers.

4.What’s been the most rewarding part of becoming a blogger so far?

The most rewarding part of becoming a blogger is meeting new people, reading their blogs and being inspired by them and learning that they also admire your blog as well. I am always flattered when other bloggers comment or like my recipes as I am not a professionally trained chef. No one knows if their home recipes will be considered good to the rest of the world!

5.How do you feel about creating content for others to read?

I like to express myself and give facts, opinions, and tidbits that I think others will find interesting and appreciate. It’s nice to have a little background story to go along with a recipe and discuss why it is a special recipe to you. It also opens the floor for discussions and learning from other people.

6.Do you share your posts on other social media too? Does it help you get more readers?

I use Pinterest to share my posts. I think I’ve gotten some additional page views from it so, yeah I think it has helped a lot.

7.Who is your favourite blogger? Why?

My favorite blogger is Sophie at Cooking Trips. I admire many blogs and see a lot of inspiration around WordPress, but I think I have actually found that I am both inspired by recipes from Cooking Trips and we also have a lot in common as people such as our love of travel and trying foods of different cultures. She is very honest and always interested in sharing and learning new things. It’s really cool that you can meet a friend through blogging and even though we live in different places and grew up in different cultures (I’m in US while she’s in France), we have a lot in common and have similar opinions on many things.

8. Other than blogging, what are your hobbies?

I enjoy traveling around the US and Europe with my husband. I wish I could travel more these days but I am finishing up my doctorate and it has gotten more time consuming in the past few months so I am hoping to pick up traveling again once I’ve finished next year. Besides cooking, I’ve always loved old Hollywood movies and foreign movies and reading classic literature. I used to study Italian on my own but I don’t have much time now.

9.What would you say to people who want to tell you that your blog is just “one among others of the same kind”?

I would say that many people write blogs about healthy cooking, but it is always interesting to read about what influences a person’s cooking style and what kitchen tips they can offer. My healthy cooking is not just fad cooking or for crash dieting, it’s about adapting a different healthier lifestyle by incorporating a variety of healthy ingredients and international cuisines to extract the maximum health benefits of foods from many cultures/world regions. By only eating food from your homeland, you miss out on so many varieties of tasty and healthy food.

10. What makes you content?

Being with husband, family, and close friends on my days off is when I am the most happy. If you surround yourself with good people who you truly love, nothing else in life is that important. I am thankful everyday for the people in my life and my good health.

11.What advice will you give a newbie in blogging?

I would advise people starting out to not be afraid to express yourself. You will be surprised and flattered by the kindness and positive encouragement of other bloggers. No one will make fun of you or say you are stupid. I was insecure at first, but quickly learned that the WordPress community is very supportive.


Now I will nominate some other bloggers that I admire. I haven’t been blogging a lot in recent months so I’m a little rusty on a lot of other blogs, but here are a few that I always enjoy reading and would like to nominate for the Liebster Award.

My Pinch of Yum

One Half Indian

Eggs in Hell


If you accept the nomination, the instructions for the Liebster award are :

  • Publish a post answering the questions below
  • Link back in your post to the blogger who nominated you
  • Below your answers to these questions, nominate other bloggers.
  • List 11 other bloggers that you’d like to nominate with less than 200 followers. (Try for 11 if you can). Give them the instructions and  11 questions to answer.
  • Let your nominees know that you’ve nominated them and provide them with a link to your post.


Here are my questions for these bloggers:

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  2. What were you most nervous about when you started your blog?
  3. Which blog post of yours is your favorite?
  4. Would you like to make your blog professional one day? If so, would you quit your day job to pursue it?
  5. What’s been the most rewarding part of becoming a blogger so far?
  6. Do you share your posts on other social media too? Does it help you get more readers?
  7. Who is your favorite blogger? Why?
  8. Other than blogging, what are your hobbies?
  9. What is your favorite food to cook?
  10. What is your least favorite food to eat?
  11. Do your friends/family follow your blog? What do they think of it?


Thanks!! 🙂






11 thoughts on “My Liebster Award Nomination!

  1. Now you make me smile, but also you made me blush while I was reading. We do share a lot, and you’re right, cooking together someday could be a lot of fun! I hope we’ll make that happen one day! Thanks for answering all the questions, I’m not surprised with your answers and I was not expecting less from you, that confirms all the great things I was thinking about you. Good luck with finishing your Doctorate, I know it’s a lot of efforts to put on for some time but you’ll surely be rewarded for it. Remember a few posts back we were talking about always learning more? Well, I started a doctorate a few years ago as a way to learn more about a certain topic I was interested in, but for the first time ever, life stuffs got in the way and I had to drop it; but that’s something I’d really love to go back to someday. Reading that you are doing it right now gives me back a certain sense of inspiration on this particular topic. Talk soon again! xoxoxox


    1. Thanks so much 🙂 That’s really interesting that you were pursuing a doctorate too! I definitely see how life can get in the way. Its very time consuming and definitely frustrating but ultimately I think it’ll be worth it too. That’s what kept me going for so long..the idea of a more interesting job and more money haha! There’s been many times when I thought about quitting. I’m lucky enough that in my field the projects are funded so I don’t have to pay for my degree but I know that in many fields PhD degrees are not free and it is extremely expensive to pursue in the US. It’s actually really unbelievable how much it costs here. Anyway, you should definitely pursue it someday if you are still passionate about the subject and have the time. Even one course a semester or going part time you would little by little work towards it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for your encouraging words! We will see what I decide in the future. I had made the choice to go for a PhD after having worked 8 years abroad, but then i chose to drop it before the end of the first semester when my husband needed a hand on his own project which finally ate up our lives. I was supposed to come and help him for a short while but the economic situation in France got back at us and I had to make a tough choice. I already have 2 Masters Degrees, so I’m not unhappy with my studies, it’s just that a PhD opens the way to meeting different people than the type of people I’ve met during my first professional decade. What are you researching on? I was into Management Sciences with an emphasis on Tourism, focused on Chinese people traveling to France. 🙂 I’m sure you’re on a totally different area!


    2. Your PhD subject sounds very interesting..and you lived in china for some years too, right? Are there a lot of Chinese immigrants in France? Wow..two Masters is indeed pretty impressive! You must’ve spent a lot of time in school! I am studying engineering, specifically materials or metallurgical engineering. I went straight to the PhD without working so its a long time to be in the same place and I’m very anxious to finish my degree and start a real job (and move somewhere warmer). Although I can’t complain too much about it because being in school does allow some schedule flexibility that most regular jobs don’t have. When I start a real job I’ll probably complain about that too haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I’ve lived in China for 7 years and Polynesia for almost a year. Maybe in France, Universities work a different regulation…? A Master Degree is 5 years after high school, and once I’ve passed, I just went studying one more year to pass my 2nd Master degree. So in total I’ve studied 6 years. In France a PhD would be 3 to 4 years depending on the subject. I’m 35 years old by the way 🙂 As for you, I wasn’t expecting less from you, haha! I totally pictured you in some field related to something very technical, I could sense that through your cooking, that’s funny I think! I understand what you mean about time flexibility, but also that you want to get into the professional life (and have something new to complain about, haha!) I’m sure you’re longing the warmth of another place to live, haha! Trust me, although I live on the coast in Southern France, I miss the tropical weather of Southern China and Tahiti !!


    3. Yeah, I think the college system is slightly different between our countries. In the US, bachelor degrees are four years, then a masters is usually a separate application and its 1-2 years, then a PhD is an additional 3-5 years (I know of people who take longer if they like the student lifestyle). So I went from a dual bachelor/master program into a PhD and I’m in my eighth year at the same university in the same department (I’m 25). It’s funny when you spend a long time in a place you get to know all the politics and dynamics between people there. I’ll miss that a little bit.
      Wow, so you lived in very warm places. Did you like Tahiti? After visiting Hawaii, I’d love to visit more places like Tahiti or Samoa. Do you speak Chinese too? It must be very difficult to learn because the characters are so different from French or English.

      I think the cold isn’t what bothers me as much as snow storms in NY. I hate the mess and shoveling. This year hasn’t been so bad but last year we were hit with a snowstorm two or three times a month from December to the end of February. And it wasn’t a dusting either, I’m talking snow up to your knees each time. I can tolerate a couple months of cold if its not snowing. Do you get snow in france where you live?

      Haha, its funny you could tell that my field was technical from my recipe writing. When I first starting cooking, it felt very similar to what I do at work all day-measuring, cutting, heating things, writing ingredients, etc. It’s just with food instead of metals. I guess that similarity comes though in my writing!

      ttyl 🙂

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      1. I meant a PhD in France would be 3 to 4 years after the Masters Degree, for then a total time in University of 8 t0 9 years (same as in the US then!).
        Yes I can speak Chinese (and read and write), I’ve majored in Chinese language for my Bachelor, then my last Masters Degree was French and Chinese International Management.
        Polynesia was amazing. Tahiti was very nice, but the best of the best was Bora-Bora. If someday you get the chance to go to Polynesia, you will land in Tahiti, but I recommend you spend most of your time on other islands. I don’t know whether or not you’re on facebook, but if we become FB friends you’ll be able to check my pictures. If not, then you can check my post about Bora-Bora here on WordPress. That makes me think I should publish more posts about my expat life and share online more pictures of my time in China and Polynesia…
        Where I live now in France (in Nice), it rarely snows. When it does, then it is seen as a climate accident. I live by the seaside where the climate is temperate and usually has the highest national temperature all year long and a nice weather (except these last few years because of worldwide climate changes). Let’s say the climate often is compared to California’s, where LA would be a bit warmer and sunnier than Nice. But, our mountains are really close by (about an hour and a half drive and you can go skiing! and come back on the same day to finish off the day by walking on the beach if you want to!). So it snows in the mountains during winter, and our little Snow Accidents in Nice only occur once every 6 to 8 years approximately. I love the snow when I can enjoy it for winter sports, but if it is in the city it brings chaos to our little town and I easily get tired of it pretty fast!


    4. Wow, so cool that you can read and write in chinese. I’ve always loved other languages so I’m always impressed when people can speak multiple languages fluently. I really like the music and customs of the pacific islands so I’m very interested to go someday.
      I’m not on FB anymore (many US employers check applicants FB profiles and I am now starting to apply for jobs so a few people recommended I remove it) but I’ll definitely check you post on Bora Bora. You should definitely write about more of your travels. I am always interested to read travel posts.

      Nice sounds like the perfect location! Not too far from the ocean and the mountains. I’m not much for winter sports but I definitely appreciate the beauty of mountains. We have some small mountains in NY which are very pretty in summer.

      Liked by 1 person

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