Milk and Cereal Breakfast Pudding

This pudding is my new favorite breakfast obsession. It tastes like a cross between banana pudding and a bowl of cereal. It is light and fluffy but absolutely fulfilling. It is essentially yogurt, milk, mashed banana, and cereal, which when blended together and chilled overnight, gives the consistency of a sweet pudding.

I have previously written about my overnight oats obsession but this tops it. I was looking to change up my breakfast routine so I was thinking of ways to include yogurt and cereal, two of the most classic breakfast foods. I have recently been inspired by the innovative and tasty-looking creations of Christina Tosi at Momofuku’s Milk Bar in NYC. She has a famous recipe called “cereal milk”, which consists of brown sugar, milk, and toasted cornflakes. The cornflakes are soaked in milk so that the milk is infused with sweet corny flavor of the flakes, reminiscent of the sweet milk left at the bottom of one’s morning cereal bowl. All sorts of decadent sweet treats are made with this relatively simple concoction!

french toast crunch breakfast milk and cereal pudding. A decadent, fufilling breakfast treat!
Delicious breakfast pudding made with French Toast Crunch Cereal, milk, Greek yogurt, and mashed banana. Garnished with crunchy Peanut Butter.

So I decided, why not blend cereal and milk and yogurt to make a sort of overnight-pudding that includes both grains and dairy? I was a little concerned about how this would taste but I was happy to find that the result is soo soo good. Plus, with dairy, fruit, and grains, you’ve got three food groups knocked out at breakfast! And Greek yogurt is full of protein. Boom! How can you go wrong with sugary cereal, after all? The best part is that this version is less than 250 calories, making it a perfect anytime treat.

french toast crunch
French Toast Crunch Cereal was a 90’s icon, discontinued in the US in ’06 but recently brought back into production in early 2015 due to requests from fans.

This pudding is totally customizable as well. You can add any flavor of Greek yogurt, sub another type of fruit for the banana, add any type of milk (chocolate, strawberry, soy, coconut), and virtually any of your favorite childhood sugary cereals. If you are avoiding extra sugar, you can use low sugar cereal varieties such as cheerios or cornflakes and plain Greek yogurt. Or…. you can go crazy and add a bunch of different cereals! One of my new favorite cereals is General Mills’ French Toast Crunch, which was brought back into production due to its huge base of fans who remembered having it as kids in the mid-90s. It’s basically a toast-shaped puffed corn cereal coated in a sugary maple-cinnamon glaze. Mmmhmmm.  I remember eating this cereal as a small child and I have to say when I ate it again, it brought back all the childhood memories. Another childhood favorite of mine was Lucky Charms, which I haven’t tried using in this pudding yet, but I imagine would also taste great in this.

What is your favorite childhood cereal or breakfast?

froot loops
Milk and Cereal Pudding is also delicious when made with Froot Loops. Here I’ve garnished with Limited Edition Star Wars cereal, complete with lightsaber and yoda shaped marshmallows.

Milk and Cereal Breakfast Pudding
• 1/2 cup non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt
• ½ cup milk of choice (I used vanilla almond milk)
• ½ cup dry cereal of choice (froot loops, cornflakes, cinnamon toast crunch, French Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms, etc.)
• ½ banana diced into chunks
• Optional toppings: chopped pitted dates, nut butters, jam, granola, nuts, raisins, etc

1. Pour milk in bowl of a blender. Add vanilla Greek yogurt, banana slices, and ½ cup dry cereal.
2. Blend all ingredients until cereal is crushed into tiny pieces but still large enough to identify.
3. Scrape down bowl of blender and pour pudding into a cup or bowl. Go ahead and lick the blender bowl clean. Garnish with a pat of nut butter. Eat immediately or refrigerate for a few hours or overnight for breakfast the next morning.


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