Falafel Hummus ?!

Falafel Hummus_food should taste good brand
Falafel Hummus with Tahini from “Food Should Taste Good” has invaded my supermarket! The falafel world will never be the same.

So I stumbled upon this little gem at the grocery store last week and of course I had to try it. It’s FALAFEL HUMMUS for crying out loud! I’m a big fan of hummus and of course falafels, so this was right up my alley. It even has tahini in the middle of it. I was practically drooling at the market. This is a trully genius idea. Why didn’t I think of it??

When I got home, I wasn’t sure how to..well…eat it. With crackers? On bread? With veggies? Would it be wrong to have falafels dipped in falafel hummus? Seemed like a bit of a falafel overload. Anyway, first I tried a lavash wrap with cheese, veggies, and falafel hummus to get a feel for the flavors of the hummus by itself. It had all of the flavoring of a falafel, definitely the cumin came through, but to be honest, wasn’t as good of an experience as eating a falafel (really though, what is?).

Falafel Hummus-Food Should Taste Good Brand
Falafel Hummus with Tahini in the center.

Next I decided on a falafel overload wrap; falafel patties, falafel hummus, and veggies. This actually tasted really good because when you eat a falafel wrap, you usually can’t get a chunk of falafel in every single bite, but with the addition of falafel hummus, it was like falafel flavor coming in every bite. The falafel hummus really complimented the falafel patties! Now my only fear is that they’ll discontinue it. I imagine it would be quite simple to recreate at home though; chickpeas, tahini, cumin, etc. Hmm…maybe that would be a good “copycat recipe” for me to try out 😉 Has anyone else seen this in their local market?


4 thoughts on “Falafel Hummus ?!

  1. Wow..now this is new to me! Looks interesting..just yesterday I got the Garlic and Herb Hummus from the Tribe brand from my local grocery store. Although I prefer fresh hummus, this one tastes good. I will look out for falafel hummus next time 🙂

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  2. I had never heard of this “falafel hummus” thing before, but it makes me curious now ! I’m not sure i’d be able to find it at home though, but if one of you has a recipe to share, i’d be up for trying it out !

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